I was having a bad day today and I remembered that I saw this shirt in the sewing pile yesterday. It is a medium size shirt. I couldn’t believe that it fit. It is a long way from a 5x at Catherine’s. Yes I won’t wear it in public yet, but I was so excited that I had to share. (Original post was April 26, 2021)

My Hair

So I had fun today! New look. I, only a few weeks ago, allowed my husband to lighten my hair and alter my hair color for the first time EVER. So today I went another huge step, we bleached it and then added some purple and blue! I LOVE it! (One natural color hair photo) My hair stylist says that I am blossoming into a me that was hidden for all those years from the person who wants to hid to the person who says “Look at me!” She may be right. (Original post was April 3, 2021)  

Daniel’s 100 pound mark!

  This actually happened seven weeks ago, but I have been busy with track and soccer.  I still didn’t want to forget about it.  Three months ago, I made a deal with Daniel (my husband) that when he had hit the 100 pound mark for weight loss, we would take a trip, just the two of us, to the Tulsa area. There we would spend the night in a hotel and then both of us would have a 90 minute massage at Acqua Viva Oasis.  This motivated Daniel more than anything else. He hit his goal and we were able to enjoy a fabulous 24 hour get away without the kids. After our rest Friday night, Monica did an amazing job working on every muscle in our bodies for three hours (90 minutes each).  Muscles that I had begun to think would never stretch again, did in fact stretch. It was wonderful.  I’m not just saying that because she is my sister...check out her Google reviews or visit her website at Rewards for achievements can be so much fun.  Also, for those who know my family,


 Lately I have been asked several times about what kind of exercise I do?  To be honest, other than going on a walk 5 or 6 times over the course of the last 18 months, and riding my stationary bike twice, I haven’t done any exercising at all.  All I have done so far is change my eating habits. I have become more physically active around the house and my new job requires more mobility than my last job.  When I started at 375, I couldn’t walk around the block without severe pain and swelling. Now at 219, I can walk 2 miles in a day and only suffer a little bit of with pain or swelling on occasion.  I have been wanting to start exercising, but my blood pressure has been so low lately that I have been too tired to do it. Hopefully now with the doctor’s help eliminating another medication will take care of that. As my blood pressure begins to stabilize and with Spring around the corner, I am planning some outings with my family and we will get moving together.  Today my husband and I went o


5X clothes vs a L top and XL skirt  I actually found an older picture of me today. It was taken about 3 1/2 years ago and no one was standing in front of me.  I knew that I was being photographed and I was standing, so it is much easier to see the difference between then and now. It hit me pretty hard about how far I have come in just 15 months.  I was trapped in that body and saw no way out because nothing had ever worked before now. I am so grateful for the Eat Like A Bear community and everyone in the group for the encouragement and support that I have always gotten, on the good days and the bad. I’m not done. With a -142 pounds, I am only 70% of the way to my goal, but life is so much different now that I don’t even know where to start some days. Daniel couldn’t even believe that he was looking at a picture of me when I showed it to him. 


Comparing your weight loss journey to someone else’s journey never works out for anyone. Sure there will be someone out there that you will be able to say “At least I am losing faster than so and so”, but generally it always leads to depression, anxiety, and discouragement.  Then that leads to derailment and disappointment in yourself and back to the depression causing a never ending downward spiral. In the Eat Like A Bear Community, Maria De Jesus Bass is one person who has inspired me more than most.  Her positive words of encouragement has helped me long before I ever reached out to her to talk to her or ask her questions.   She lost 130.9 pounds in just 10 months and 3 weeks. and surpassed her original weight loss goal in just 7 months and 2 days.  She ate one meal a day four days of the week (3 Ridiculously Big Salads and 1 Keto meal) and did an extended fast for 72 hours (3 days) every week.  She lost weight quickly and ate food full of nutrition when she ate.  Now people have sa

Our Anniversary

  In two days, my husband and I celebrate our 24th Anniversary!  I have been on this journey of losing weight for almost 15 months now. In that time, I have lost 141 pounds. I am only NINE pounds away from what I weighed on our wedding day all those years ago. With this knowledge, I wanted to try on THE dress. I know that it wasn’t a PERFECT fit, but just by looking at the pictures, no one will probably be able to see that, but me.  I surprised my husband with the dress and we both cried. Our parents all rejoiced with us, and our children were blown away as they oohed and aahed.  I know that I started this journey for myself, but I want you to listen to the pride in my husband’s voice in the video. Never forget that your daily decisions influence everyone in your world.