The NSV (Non Scale Victories are the best ones. Daniel took the above picture on December 7th.  I had barely been able to pull the dress down over my hips and I could barely button the the jacket. Still I was excited to get the dress on. I hadn’t worn the dress in 20 years. At that point I had almost lost 70 pounds, but not quite. 

After losing another 75 pounds since December 7th, I tried it on again this last Sunday. Sunday may be the last time that I ever wear it. The tank top dress does have a tie on it. With it tied tight, it is modest if I take off the jacket. Lol. 

Look at all the extra room that I now have in the jacket with it buttoned up! I was excited. 75 pounds is a lot, but seeing something like that, really helps drive home how much it truly is.


For the last 3 months plus, my wonderful husband has gotten up and weighed in at 304 and bounced around a bit, never dropping under 304. He has done well about not cheating. He eats the supper that I fix and a couple of protein bars during the day most of the time normally with a 6-8 hour window.  4-5 times a week, his supper is a RBS.  The rest of the time, it is Keto. He has told me several times “I just want to be under 300!”This morning he woke up and weighed in to find out that the scale had finally moved. Not only was he under 300, he is now 2 pounds away from a 100 pound lose. He now weighs 298! He danced a couple of jigs this morning. During this same three months, he has also lost almost 6” off his body. So we knew he hadn’t completely staled, just the deceitful scale had staled. I told him “swish”.
So if the scale ever quits moving for you, don’t ever give up. It doesn’t matter if it takes almost four months to move again, it will move. Stick wi…

Hurtful Words

We’ve all heard them, we have probably all said them at one time or another, some times maybe knowingly or unknowingly. Words can hurt beyond imagination. The second part of James 3:8 describes the tongue as “a restless evil, full of deadly poison.”  We all know someone out there who doesn’t control their tongue and who is always firing poison at everyone around them. They can’t love themselves and they can’t stand for anyone around them to be happy either. During my weight loss journey over the last 13 months, I have come across many different opinions toward what I am doing to lose weight. 1) the person who is the cheerleader and “good for you” all the way. 2) The person who is blown away by what you are doing and wants to know how they can do it.  3) “well, I’m glad that you found something that is working for you”, maybe halfhearted pat on the back. 4) I’m glad it works for you, but I’m not interested in doing it myself. 5) “I don’t see how eating like that can be a healthy choic…

She Didn't Even Recognize Me

So in just 12 months, I went from a size 32 to a size 16.  Then last Saturday I had an appointment to get my hair cut. I have been going to the same lady for the last three years, but with the Covid shutdowns, it had been 7 or 8 months since she cut my hair. (My husband cut it for me after everything shutdown) When I walked in, she asked if she could help me. My response was that I have a 12:30 appointment.  She then asked me for my name. I told her that I was Tonia Walker. She told me to go ahead and take a seat and she would be with me in a few moments. After just a moment, she asked me what was different about me. I proudly told her that I had lost 130 pounds in just over a year. When she heard this, she and the other customer in the chair both gasped and she informed me that she hadn’t recognized me at all when I had come in. So they asked how I did it.  Little did I know that they had just been talking about how they both needed to loose some weight. I showed the customer and her…

The Beginning of Daniel's Weight Loss Journey

When I started my weight loss journey last August, Daniel made it very clear that under no uncertain circumstances would he EVER do a KETO style diet. He told me that he would do his Slim Fast diet that he knew would work for him.  He would drink a slim fast for breakfast, another for lunch, then he would eat whatever I prepared for supper.  He didn't care if that was a Keto style meal or not, as long as it tasted good.  If you have ever read the label on a slim fast shake, you would know that the carb count for the regular, chocolate slim fast shake made with milk is approximately 20 or more carbs each.  That means that his two shakes a day were about 45 grams of carbs.  Then he would come home and eat the supper that I made.  From August to Christmas break, he lost about 20 pounds doing the Slim Fast diet.  Over Christmas break, he did not maintain his diet and quickly gained back most of what he lost.  When we were at a buffet, he ate what he wanted.  No judgement here, but whe…


Comfort is something that has been elusive for many years.  For over twenty years, the only way that I have been able to cross my legs is by crossing my ankles. I was talking with Daniel the other day about how nice it is to be able to cross my legs again.  Just then my sixteen year old looks at me in surprise and says "I've never seen you cross your legs!"  Of course telling him that I had been for the last couple of months did no good.  He continued to say that he had never seen it.  Needless to say, he was shocked.  It is nice to be able to lean back and relax when I want and know that I will not be in pain for it.  
It is the little things like this that keep me going and get me excited.  I no longer have to worry about if I CAN drive a vehicle.  I can sit behind the steering wheel of any vehicle now and have plenty of room to maneuver.  
(Yes there is a dog laying on the rug under my seat.  It is one of his favorite spots to lie down at when I am resting.)

Sitting in Chairs That Have Arms

One year ago, sitting in a chair with arms on it was extremely painful and very embarrassing.  I didn't fit in any of them.  I remember one time going to Olive Garden with my husband and some friends and having to stand a wait at the table until they could locate a chair without arms.  My hips were so large that if I attempted to sit in a chair with arms, it was sometimes so painful that I would end up with bruises on my hips.  Forget driving a car like a Prius, I would, yet again, have bruises where the seat belt buckle was at.  I am a huge supporter of my children and their activates and sometimes this would make attending their functions very painful.  One such place is the theatre room at the local High School.  In the past under the leadership of the "old" band director, all performances were held in the gym.  It had bench seats and no backs to the seats.  When the "new" band director showed up, he changed all of the performances to the theatre room.  I we…